Poker Pro Profile: David Kitai

Over the last few years as the game of poker has become more and more popular there has been a huge increase in the number of people playing it. This has resulted in a lot of young players bursting on to the scene and becoming stars overnight. This is not the case with David Kitai, it has taken him several years of consistent results to become a well known poker player, this is however exactly what he has become.

David Kitai is a professional poker player from Belgium who has quickly built a reputation as one of the top players in the game. He plays mainly on the European Poker Tour where he has won a couple of events and has several money finishes. He is well known for being one of the most relaxed and casual players on the EPT.

David Kitai got his start in poker when he went to United States to learn English. The people he met during is studies got him started on poker and it was not long before he was winning games on a regular basis. The result was that when he got back to Belgium instead of going and looking for a job like he intended to he started to play poker professionally. This proved to be a wise move as he was soon making a lot more money playing poker than he could working.

In the early days Kitai focused exclusively on cash games and these are something that he still plays in regularly. However as tournament play started to become more popular he started to enter these as well. This has worked out well for him as he now has career tournament winnings of nearly two million dollars. In addition he continues to play in cash games on a regular basis and this is largely how he makes his living.

Like a lot of the players who started to get into poker in the early 2000′s just as the game was becoming popular David Kitai is something of a specialist at Texas Hold’em, this being the only game that most new players learn. He has however worked hard at learning the other types of poker over the last few years and has done well enough that most of his cash games are now Pot Limit Omaha. Of course at tournaments he plays only Texas Hold’em as this is all that is played on the EPT.

David Kitai is not the best known poker player in the world, although he is quite well known in Belgium, but he has built up a reputation on the European Poker Tour. If he continues to play well and have the success that he has been having he will certainly become better known in the not too distant future.

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